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3 Reasons Why Every Bride and Groom Should Exchange Letters on their Wedding DAY

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

An intimate moment to share with your best friend

Whether you’re doing a first look on your wedding day or waiting until you walk down the aisle, there is something so special about exchanging letters the morning before your ceremony. Let me tell you about three great reasons why it is such a wonderful idea to do a letter exchange with your future spouse!

1. It’s calms your nerves!

There is no doubt that you will have A LOT of emotions on wedding day. Excited, nervous, thrilled, anxious, and giddy are all NORMAL things to feel on the biggest day of your life! Reading a letter from your best friend really helps lessen the nerves, calms you down, and makes you so much more excited to see them in just the few short hours following that letter reading.

2. It makes for great video! If you have chosen to get a wedding film done, the letter reading really drives an amazing film. There is true and passionate emotion that comes from reading a love letter. It is wonderful to watch your wedding film back and hear exactly how that letter reading made you feel.

Check out this film! During a beautiful backyard DIY wedding, the speeches got rained out and the couple choose to do traditional vows during their ceremony. Without the intimate letter readings, the film would not have had as much emotion carried throughout!

3. An intimate moment before the chaos When doing your letter reading, it is always a nice idea to take a moment to read this letter alone, without everyone around you watching. It gives you a moment in the day to take a deep breath and get a gentle reminder of the reason you are there….to marry your best friend!

Letter exchanges are a beautiful thing. There is so much love and emotion packed into those words on a card. (Or old receipt, or menu from take-out, we don’t have to be fancy up here with an actual card) If you’ve been contemplating doing a letter exchange on the day of your wedding, we are ALL for it! You will thank us later!

We know planning a wedding can become overwhelming. We try and help our couples think of all the little details so we can tell their love stories perfectly. If you're interested in finding out more about our wedding film packages and learning more about how we can capture and preserve your beautiful love story for a lifetime, please fill out our contact form below and we'll be in touch soon!

Calm your Nerves




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