Preserve The Memory of your Parent or Grandparent for Generations to Come

A Life History Film is the perfect way to remember a loved one once they are gone!

  • When did they fall in love and how?

  • What is their earliest childhood memory?

  • What was their happiest moment?

  • What was their greatest accomplishment?

  • What made them into who they are?

Once a parent or grandparent is gone, only their memory remains. 

Life History Films are a permanent record of those memories.


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What people say about these films

Reilly Said

The one word I can think to describe this is: Beautiful

Amanda Said

Such a Treasure, our family SOOO appreciated this video.  Thank you!

Lacie Said

Not even ashamed to say that this brought tears to my eyes!  This video is PRICELESS!!!

Film Excerpt 

What is a life history film?

Questions? We've got answers!

How do you film these videos?

We set up one or two cameras on tripods and have external lighting and sound equipment as needed. We want this to feel just like a conversation with friends and only ask questions to help steer the conversation. We will strive to make everyone as comfortable as possible.

We are interested! Now what?

Excellent! We are excited to work with you. Please fill out our contact form and we'll be in touch as soon as possible. We will want to set a day, time, and location for the interview to take place. This will normally be in your loved one's home and at a time that is most convienant for them.

How long does it take to complete the interview?

Interviews normally take between 2-3 hours. We don't want to rush through our conversation and will take the time we need to ensure everyone is comfortable and that we are able to capture the full story.

What is the final product?

From the 2-3 hour long conversation, we edit things down to only the conversations topics and organize everything chronologically. You get a digital download link to the completed video file that is normally around 90 minutes long. We will also edit down a 5-7 minute highlight video that is perfect for sharing on Social Media. Anyone in your family will have access to download the finished videos. If you'd prefer, we can burn Blu Ray discs for an extra charge.

Can you interview two people at once?

Absolutely! in situations where both parents or grandparents are still alive, we will conduct the interview to both at the same time. We will use multiple camera angles to ensure we always have the best view of whoever is talking.

How can we pay?

We only want to ask one question. What will it be worth to have a permanent record of a loved one's life on video once they are gone? Life History Films are truly priceless. Our hope is to keep these as affordable as possible to be able to help as many families as we can to preserve their loved ones' memories. We suggest that families each contribute an equal portion to the final cost. We can either accept full payment from a single source, or partial payments from multiple sources. Paypal, Venmo, bank transfers, credit cards and as always cash payments are accepted

A little About Who We Are

Hi there! We are Michael and Kaylin Lindsey and get to call the great state of Arizona our home. We have been married for five years and consider ourselves very blessed to be able to film together. We got into Life History Films after conducting an interview for a documentary project (excerpt above).  After hearing Mr. Prentice's life story, we decided we want to help as many families as we can to preserve their loved ones' memories, stories, voice and mannerisms for future generations!  We feel we are set apart from others because filming for us, together, is a true joy and passion. We love learning about people we LOVE being able to capture raw and real emotions.  Above all we love to tell stories through video.  What better stories to tell than life histories of our Greatest Generation!  We hope to hear from your soon.

Michael & Kaylin


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